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What is a mid-tenancy inspection?

A mid-tenancy inspection is pretty self explanatory, it is an inspection of your house that happens part of the way through your tenancy. For a student house this usually happens in October and March.

At this inspection we will:

  • Check if there are any maintenance issues*
  • Check that you are using the house in a “tenant like manner”
  • Check that your fire safety equipment is in good working order
  • Consider any future improvements to suggest to the landlord

*Any urgent maintenance requests should always be raised with us straight away but these inspections are a great time to look into anything not so serious that can then be scheduled in when convenient.

A mid-tenancy inspection is nothing to worry about, we want to look after our tenants and properties and this is a great way to make sure we visit every house at least a couple of times a year. We will always book these visits in with you at least 24 hours in advance and will get in touch with any feedback.

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