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How do I clear out my washing machine filter?

In order to properly look after your washing machine, you will need to be clearing out the filter every 1-2 months. This will help ensure that the machine continues to run smoothly with no leaking.

Clearing out a washing machine filter can vary slightly depending on make and model. It may be worth searching for specific instructions if the one’s below don’t work.

Step 1: Locate the filter. (This is usually on the front of the machine, at the bottom, under a cover)

Step 2: Put down an old towel and a tray on the floor to catch any escaping water.

Step 3: If there is a hose, empty the water out into a container and pour this down the sink.

Step 4: Unscrew the filter and pull it out. (It is likely that some water will come with it)

Step 5: Clear out any fluff or blockages in the filter.

Step 6: Return the filter and close the cover.

Here is a short video demonstration. Remember it may not be quite the same process on your washing machine:

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