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How do I unblock my shower/bath drain?

Most of the time when tenants have an issue with the water in a shower or a bath not draining effectively it is caused by a build up of hair and soap scum. Thankfully this issue is pretty easy to solve.

The first port of call would be to try to remove any blocked hair from the drain. Sink unblocking tools like this can be picked up fairly cheaply.

If this doesn’t work, or the holes in the drain are not big enough, you can pick up some liquid drain un-blocker from the supermarket. They vary in strength, but we would suggest getting a stronger one or a specific shower/hair un-blocker. You can then follow the instructions on the side of the bottle.

In order to prevent future blockages, consider getting a drain protector. These prevent hair from going down the drain and getting clogged up.

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