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Whilst viewing one of our houses or during the application process you may hear a little bit about “Arthur” or “Arthur Online”. He’s not one of our property managers or even an accountant, so who is he?!

Arthur Online is actually our online property management system, it helps us track all elements of a tenancy from viewings to deposit refunds and is part of the reason why we can provide such a great service.

When can I meet him?

You will most likely first come across Arthur once you are booked in for a viewing. We log all our viewings on the Arthur system so that we can notify the viewers and the current tenants. You will then receive an email from Arthur Online confirming the time and date of your viewing. Our student application form is also generated by Arthur and once you fill it out we can see all of your details within the system. This allows us to set up and manage tenancies really easily.

For tenants

If you’re joining one of our fully managed tenancies, once your tenancy with us has been accepted we will send you an invite to join Arthur Online. You can then download the tenant app or access it in your browser. This access allows you to raise any maintenance issues, check rent payments and view or download any of your tenancy documents remotely. It also allows us to contact the whole group and keep you informed on any maintenance or house visits taking place.

If you’d like to find out more you can have a look at their website here.

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