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Before you go ahead and click on one of the links below, please read the following information.

The form is generated by our management software, Arthur Online. Please ensure that you follow the relevant link below and fill out the following required information:

  • Personal Details – Ensure you complete ALL fields
  • Contact Details – Please complete your full HOME address including postcode (not your uni address). We must have your mobile number, but we don’t need a landline.
  • Student details – Please select ‘YES’, and fill out your university course info.
  • Guarantor Details – Under normal circumstances, all students MUST supply a Guarantor. Select ‘YES’ and fill out ALL the details. Missing information here can delay your application process.
  • Property – Detail the house address and name of your group coordinator/lead tenant.
  • General Information – You must complete all fields and leave an explanation where required.
  • Documents – You do not need to upload anything here, however you will be required to show your passport or your driving license & birth certificate at the signing of the contracts.

The Forms:

If you arranged the viewing we likely have some of your details on our system. Please use this link to update the information we have for you.

If we don’t have any information for you yet, please use this link to fill out a new application form.

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