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Norwich Student Lettings is the dedicated student brand name of Champion property Management.

After 7 years of managing a substantial student accommodation portfolio for a private landlord in Norwich, Jon formed Champion Property in 2014 with one simple goal; to take a fresh and fair approach to student lettings.

As the business has grown, so too has our reputation amongst students, and Norwich Student Lettings now operates as a dedicated brand within Champion Property Management, focusing on delivering the very best in the management of student homes across the city.

Our office is based just 10 minutes walk from the UEA campus on Bowthorpe Road, and we are proud to have an excellent reputation amongst students attending both the UEA and NUA.

Let’s face it; letting agents have been given a bad name in recent years, and sometimes for good reason.  We hear countless stories of students being ignored by their lettings agents, and feeling like second class tenants.  We’re here to put that right, and ensure that every single tenant is given the same attention, service and advice, to make your a trouble-free as possible.

We can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong in your property, things breaking down is just a fact of life, and keeps our contractors in work.  What we can do is teach you the vital skills needed when looking after a property, to minimise the issues, avoid the pitfalls, and have a successful tenancy.


As a student, you’re most likely going to be renting your first property… this is a big step!

You may have heard horror stories of student houses and estate agents that don’t seem to care about their student tenants. We take a proactive approach to make sure we are different by taking a fresh and fair approach to student lettings.


At Norwich Student Lettings, we specialise in student accommodation. Since 2014 we have let houses to thousands of students in Norwich. A big part of what we do is teaching you how to look after a house; from how to use the boiler to how to manage mould growth and condensation, we want to make sure you know how to get the most out of your new home. We will walk you through the whole process from start to finish offering free advice along the way.


Once you have decided on a house that you would like to let you will then move into the application process. This has been streamlined over years of trial and error to provide a service that is straight forward and can all be completed from a smartphone. Demos of all our contracts and tenancy documents can be found on this website. This allows you and your guarantors to check all the paperwork through before agreeing to a tenancy, so there will be no nasty surprises. Our contracts have been checked and approved by both the UEA and the Eastern Landlords Association.

Download our documents here.

24/7 HELP

While we hope that there will be no emergencies during your tenancy, we make sure that there is someone on call 24 hours a day that you can get hold of if need be. Your safety as a tenant is of our utmost concern and we will do everything we can to make sure maintenance requests and emergencies are dealt with efficiently.


As a parent, and quite possibly a guarantor, you want to know that your son or daughter is going to be looked after as they take the big step into renting a house for the first time.

Although a large part of what we do is about looking after properties, we see ourselves as first and foremost in the business of caring for people. In teaching tenants how to properly look after a house we are able to provide a valuable life skill and help make your child’s tenancy as smooth as possible.


From a group’s first viewing to their check-out meeting, we pride ourselves on being both friendly and knowledgeable. We realise that, as students, the young people looking round and signing up for our houses may not know an awful lot about looking after a house. We seek to teach them how to do this and are on hand to provide information and support, through this website, instructional videos, and of course; in person.


We want you to be assured that we take the upmost care to make sure all of our properties are up to local amenity and fire safety standards, and we work closely with the local Council and the University to ensure this is the case. We also strive to make sure any maintenance issues are kept on top of and we have someone on call 24/7 in case of emergency.


All of our tenants’ deposits are held in a designated account and protected with a company called MyDeposits. We provide full photographic inventories at check-in and give tenants 14 days to add their own pictures to this. On top of this, we also have total loss client money protection provided through UKALA, so any deposits paid to us are well looked after.



Jon is the director of Champion Property. He worked for a private landlord for 7 years before setting up the company in 2014.

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Joe is a property manager located in Norwich. After graduating from UEA with a history degree, Joe joined the company in 2017.

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Chris is a property manager located in Wymondham. He made the move from teacher to property manager in 2019.

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