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Do I need a guarantor for a student house?

For many of you renting a student house will be the first property that you have ever rented. As a student you are also likely to have a poor or non-existent credit score, and due to this most of our landlords ask for each of their tenants to provide a UK based guarantor.

Not only does a guarantor protect you in the event that you can’t pay your rent they also help protect the whole group. As you will be signing a joint contract each of you is technically responsible for the entire rent on the property. By each providing a guarantor you double the number of links in the chain and protect against having to pay out for your housemate’s portion of the rent.

What makes an acceptable guarantor:

If you are unable to provide a guarantor please let us know alongside filling out your application form. Some landlords may be willing to agree to terms without a guarantor if you are willing to pay some rent upfront.

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