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How do I deal with pests in the house? (wasps, bees, mice etc.)

During your tenancy you may come across certain unwanted pests that have made their way into your house. This can happen in any property. There are a number of steps you can take in order to prevent it happening, or deal with the pests once they are in the house.


Step 1: Make sure there is no food or drink left out in the house. The easiest way to deter pests is to make sure there is nothing left out for them to eat. Having a regular cleaning rota in place and making sure bins are emptied regularly should help with this.

Step 2: Check for a nest. If you see a large number of wasps or bees in the house, there may be a nest somewhere (this is often in the loft or a garden shed). If you believe this to be the case, contact your property manager with evidence of the infestation and we can arrange for pest control to come out and deal with the nest.


Step 1: (The same as above) Make sure there is no food or drink left out in the house. Unfortunately mice and rats can find a way into most houses if they want to. If there is no food in the house they shouldn’t have any reason to remain there and hopefully they’ll move on to somewhere else.

Step 2: Monitor the situation. If you are still finding evidence of rodents after you’ve had a good clean up please get in touch with your property manager to arrange to send a pest controller round.

Top tip: DO NOT put out store bought mice or rat poison. This is often not quite strong enough to kill the rodents and helps them in becoming immune to stronger poisons.

We also have a specific FAQ on ants, which you can find here.

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