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There’s ants in my house! What do I do?

No matter how modern, clean or well insulated your house is unfortunately any property is susceptible to ant infestations. Ants are a common household pest and the chances of finding them around doors or windows at some point in the year is quite high.

Not to worry though, dealing with them is fairly straightforward.

There are a number of solutions to getting rid of ants. Our preferred method and the one we’d suggest in student houses is to get hold of some bait traps. Place these close to where the ants are getting into your house. Ants collect the bait and take it back to the nest. This usually solves any infestations within a matter of days.

You could also get hold of some ant powder or spray. Although, these can be less effective than the bait traps.

Other, more eco-friendly, solutions include: A white vinegar and water mixture or a tea tree oil and water blend which can be applied directly to the nest. Or you can also disrupt their trails with ground cinnamon, pepper, coffee, or spray with lemon or peppermint.

As with all pests, making sure your house is kept clean and tidy, with no food laying around, is one of the best ways of preventing ants. A mixture of this and the tips above should help your tenancy be a fairly ant-free one!

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