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How do I clear out my washing machine filter?

In order to properly look after your washing machine, you will need to be clearing out the filter every 1-2 months. This will help ensure that the machine continues to run smoothly with no leaking. Clearing out a washing machine filter can vary slightly depending on make and model. It may be worth searching for specific instructions if the one's below don't work. Step 1: Locate the filter. (This is...

What can I do about water collecting at the bottom of my fridge?

Luckily, both the cause and the solution to this problem are incredibly simple. If you are getting water collecting in the bottom of your fridge or around the salad bin area, it’s almost certainly due to the drain hole being blocked. The drain hole can be found on the back wall of the of the fridge. Clearing the hole should just need a couple of pokes with the small plunger (this should be kept in...

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