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How do I clean my bathroom?

As a tenant it is important for you to keep the whole house clean throughout your tenancy. This will not only give you a nicer living environment but it will also help you maximise your deposit return when it comes to checking out of the house.

One of the areas that we find often falls short in terms of cleaning is the bathrooms. These areas are often shared and due to their heavy usage can get dirty quickly. You will have been provided with a cleaning rota at check in, they can also been downloaded from our downloads section. This rota will help you keep on top of routine, weekly cleaning to help prevent dirt building up.

Every now and then you should take the time to do a full, deep clean of the bathroom. This is especially important just before your tenancy comes to an end. The following points can be used as a checklist:

  • Bathrooms/Showers/Ensuite should be cleaned thoroughly – particularly around exposed pipes, behind the toilet and sink pedestal and radiator.
  • Toilets, sinks, shower heads and the base of taps must be properly descaled using a product with limescale remover such as Cillit Bang.
  • Shower cubicles need to be cleaned; you should clean the shower unit and shower-head as well as the tiles, shower tray and where possible the shower curtain. Glass shower screens must be descaled and smear free.
  • Toilets should be thoroughly cleaned using toilet cleaner. We would ask that you clean the cistern, the back of the toilet and also the bowl. Clean the bowl with a brush to remove the marks and stains that can build up over time.
  • All sealant and grouting should be free of orange/black staining or mould and returned white.
  • Baths need to be rigorously cleaned using a bathroom cleaner.
  • All tiles should also be cleaned.
  • Windows and windowsills should be cleaned as outlined above.
  • Floors should be cleaned as detailed above.
  • You should also clean any other fittings and surfaces in the bathroom i.e. cabinets, units.

Please note that standard bathroom cleaner will not descale – we recommend using a good limescale remover and cleaner such as Cillit Bang or Dettol Mould & Mildew Remover to achieve the acceptable standard required.

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