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How do I clean my kitchen?

As a tenant it is important for you to keep on top of cleaning your house throughout the tenancy. This will not only give you a nicer living environment but it will also help you maximise your deposit return when it comes to the end of your tenancy.

The kitchen is often an area that doesn’t receive quite enough attention when it comes to cleaning. These areas are shared and used daily, quickly leading to a build up of dirt if not looked after. You will have been provided with a cleaning rota at check in, they can also been downloaded from our downloads section. This rota will help you keep on top of routine, weekly cleaning to help prevent dirt building up.

Every now and then you should take the time to do a full, deep clean of the kitchen. This is especially important just before your tenancy comes to an end. The following points can be used as a checklist:

  • All kitchen cupboards and drawers should be emptied of your food and belongings, scrubbed clean and free of any residues, grease and stains inside and out. Use brillo/scouring Pads on the shelves to remove any sticky residue. Grease can be cleaned using a sugar soap mix. All cupboard doors should also be wiped clean as should cupboard tops.
  • All kitchen surfaces and wall tiles should be fully degreased and cleaned. Paying particular attention to the areas around and behind the hob.
  • All sinks and taps to be descaled using a product with limescale remover such as Cillit Bang. Shiny Sinks is recommended to restore stainless sinks. Taps should also be cleaned.
  • Hob surfaces – if you have a gas hob then each ring must be taken apart in order to scrub off any burnt-on black food spots. Ceramic Glass Hobs should not have any raised residue remaining and should be fully smooth to the touch.
  • The oven and grill interior plus oven liner (if present) must be clean and grease free. All oven shelf racks must be returned to their shiny silver state. (We recommend using Brillo pads or a decent oven cleaner to ensure all grease and burnt on food is removed). We recommend you use Oven Pride oven cleaner bags as a cheaper and easier option.
  • Fridges and freezers should be defrosted and deep cleaned. Find out more information here.
  • All kitchen appliances should be cleaned and free of any residue, burnt on black stains, grease or stains – inside and on the outside and on the tops of each appliance. The washing machine soap drawer and door (including the rubber seal) should be cleaned and free from any black/slimy detergent residue.
  • Washing and machines and tumble driers should be cleaned.
  • Windows and windowsills should be cleaned.
  • Floors should be vacuumed and mopped using a floor cleaner.
  • You should also clean any other fittings and surfaces in the kitchen area e.g. shelves, breakfast bar etc.

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