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What do I do in the event of a fire?

Hopefully you’ll never have to use this information, however it is of upmost importance that everyone in the house knows what they should do in the unlikely event that there was a fire.

Before reading these steps, we would recommend having a look at what fire precautions you should take here.

When you see a fire or hear the smoke alarm go off the first thing to do is assess the situation. If a small/manageable fire has occurred (i.e. a candle has fallen over or the fat in a frying pan has caught fire), you may be able to easily and safely fight the fire yourself. All our houses come equipped with a fire extinguisher and blanket and you can find how to use them here.

If the fire is bigger, or you do not feel comfortable tackling it, the most important thing to do is to get out of the house to a place of safety. All of our houses have safe passages out of the home which do not involve going through the kitchen, and doors that can be opened without the use of a key. Do not take any personal belongings with you and, if safe to do so, check along the route that everyone else in the house is aware of the fire and is evacuating.

Once in a safe place outside you should call the fire brigade immediately on 999.

If, for any reason, the fire is located in such a way that you can not get out of the property through a door, you should aim to get somewhere by a window with a fire door between you and the flames. From there you can call the fire brigade to evacuate you.

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