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When are my bins collected and what do I put in each bin?

In a student house you are likely to create quite a lot of rubbish. It is much better for this to end up in your bin rather than littering your house!

Here are some top tips to get you up and running with using your bins correctly:

  1. Find out what day your bins go out. You can have a look on the Norwich Council website to search for the day your bins go out, and you should have a hanger at the house with the dates for the year.
  2. Make sure you put the correct bin out. All our houses will have at least 2 types of bins, recycling and general waste. These go out on alternate weeks with food waste been collected every week.
  3. Put the correct waste in each bin. The general waste bin will be used for most of your household waste, the rubbished should be put in a black bag before going in the bin. In terms of recycling there is a full list of recyclable items on the Norwich Council website.
  4. Make sure the bin lids can be closed. Bags left lying next to the bins are unlikely to be taken away, any excess waste can be taken to the tip. You will be charged to get rid of any rubbish left outside of the bins at the end of your tenancy.

If your have a large student house (6 plus tenants) and you think you need bigger bins, or if a bin is damaged, lost or stolen, you also order new bins from the council.

Hopefully by following this simple list of tips you will be able to enjoy your student house without having to live under all your old rubbish.

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