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Mental Health

It’s vitally important for everyone to look after their mental health and we realise that life as a student can be particularly stressful. We’ve put together a list of 4 simple things that you should try to do everyday to help improve your mental health.

1. Go Outside

Natural light is a huge factor in maintaining good mental health. Make sure you spend some time outside every day.

2. Connect

It’s really important to connect with other people, and not just online! Have a face-to-face conversation with someone else today.

3. Take a break

In the midst of your busy schedule of studying and deadlines it’s important to take time out to stop and reflect. If you are struggling with something, please seek help.

4. Eat well

Takeaways and ready meals may be good every once in a while and may often feel like the easy option, but keeping your body healthy is essential to keeping your mind healthy too. There are plenty of places online to find some inspiration, why not try: jamieoliver.com/student-recipes/

An easy way to do them all…

Just by going for a healthy lunch in the park with a friend you can do all 4 steps in one. Why not make an effort to do this today and see how it improves your mental health.

For more resources on how to improve your mental health:

The Mental Health Foundation

National Health Service (NHS)

Mind Charity

Our 4 steps have been adapted from the NHS “5 steps to mental wellbeing.”


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