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Do I have to pay for council tax as a student?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked in regards to our student tenancies is, “Do I have to pay council tax?”

The answer, if you are in full-time education, is no. But contractually you are still responsible to let the council know this. Here are the steps you will need to take when you move into your house to make sure the council are informed:

1. Receive a letter from the council

Shortly after you move into your student house you should receive a letter from the local council. This will most likely say that you now owe council tax for the year, but do not worry!

2. Locate and print your student exemption forms

These can be found on your university’s online portal, it is a letter signed by your university including the dates of your course.

3. Collect forms for ALL housemates and send them to the council

It is important to make sure you collect everyone’s student exemption form in the house. Once these have been collected you can either post them to the council or drop them in at the council building in the city.

4. Receive another letter from the council

The council will then send you a letter with the amount of council tax payable reduced to zero.


If even one of your group is not a full-time student they will be responsible for council tax. If 50% or more of the house are full-time students the yearly cost will be reduced by 25%, but it is still a lot to pay.

If you are in your final year at university your exemption will only cover you until the last day of your course (this will be detailed on the exemption form). You will be responsible for paying council tax from this day until the end date of your tenancy agreement. If you receive a letter for the whole of the next year, you may need to get in touch with the Council again with a copy of your exemption certificate and your tenancy agreement so that they can send a bill for the correct dates.

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