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How do I clean and defrost my fridge/freezer?

As a tenant it is important to look after the appliances supplied to you by the landlords. All of our student houses come with at least one fridge and freezer supplied, and they can be often be neglected by tenants.

Both fridges and freezers can build up a layer of frost over time which can lead to odours, reduced storage space and ineffective door sealing. Due to this, alongside regular cleaning, they should be defrosted and deep cleaned at least a couple of times a year.

When doing a deep clean, you should:

  • Remove everything from the fridge/freezer
  • Put down a towel on the floor
  • Turn off the fridge/freezer at the wall
  • Wait 12-24 hours with the doors open for the ice to defrost
  • Wipe away the remaining water
  • Clean around the fridge/freezer with some soap and water
  • Dry the surfaces
  • Turn the fridge/freezer back on
  • Restock the shelves

You will also need to defrost your fridge/freezer when it comes to the end of your tenancy.

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