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A big part of keeping tenants and landlords happy is being able to deal with maintenance requests in a timely manner. At Champion Property Management we realise this, and always strive to get issues dealt with as soon as possible. We take the responsibility of looking after landlords’ properties very seriously and, through inspections and tenant relations, we are constantly monitoring if any maintenance work is needed.


We have an in house maintenance team that is able to tackle a wide range of maintenance issues. This allows us to sort a number of problems in a single visit which reduces the wait for tenants and keeps the costs down for landlords. We provide a very competitive rate for landlords who have their properties with us.


We use a management system called Arthur Online. This has helped us streamline our maintenance process immensely. By providing all of our tenants with a log-in they are able to raise maintenance requests that can then be shared with the rest of our groups. They are sent to the designated property manager who can then arrange a visit or get in touch with a suitable contractor.


Since 2014 we have been building strong relationships with local contractors. This allows us to get any maintenance jobs we can’t do in house booked in and completed quickly. Our trusted contractors know the properties well and are often able to fit small jobs around their schedules.


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